Thursday, March 12, 2015

BioShock Infinite Classroom Conversion

Some of you have asked for another set, so I'm more than happy to take on that challenge. Here is the next set. A Victorian school room. There are 4 recolors of each of the chalkboards as shown in the images below and are deco objects found under paintings and clutter. The children's desk was cloned from a children's activity desk so it is functional (there is slight clipping - couldn't be helped) and the lectern was cloned from a mirror so a sim can practice speech or psych self up to appear to be teaching...or they can change their clothing and appearance (not much I could do about that). As always, ENJOY!

                      DOWNLOAD WALL CHALKBOARD

                      DOWNLOAD FLOOR CHALKBOARD 

                      DOWNLOAD CHILDREN'S ACTIVITY 

                      DOWNLOAD LECTERN

Saturday, March 7, 2015

BioShock Infinite Office Conversion

Here are a new set of objects, converted from BioShock Infinite to TS4. Hopefully these bring back good memories of searching for loot in BSI. It does for me. The chair and desk are cloned from similar objects and work in game. All other items that rest on the desk are decorative only and you'll find them under decorative>clutter. I've kept them separate, so download what you want. I only recolored the phone as I had to completely redo the mesh and start from scratch so feel free to recolor but please link back to this site. Enjoy!

The phone has 3 options.

                         DOWNLOAD VICTORIAN DESK

                         DOWNLOAD VICTORIAN DESK CHAIR

                         DOWNLOAD CANDLESTICK PHONE

                         DOWNLOAD INK WELL AND PENS

                         DOWNLOAD DESK PAPERS